Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbye Idaho

We're down to the final 60 will we spend it? I guess that depends on how productive we are in the next 18! We will be be leaving late Friday night and driving to Ohio, so first on Clay's list today is to work on his truck...a little preventative maintenance now hopefully will save us time and frustration later. I will continue packing boxes, which seems to be a never-ending chore!

We are hoping to get everything in the house packed or stored by tonight, and then clean the house. That will give us two days to say goodbye and maybe relax just a little before the cross-country drive. The unknown factor in our packing is our children! Levi has been very needy through the whole process, often trying to crawl into my lap as soon as I sit down. Ellie went to the doctor yesterday with an ear infection. Ryan has been mostly helpful, choosing which toys he wants to take, and which ones he wanted to sell in the final moving sale. (He asked for the money earned from toy sales. I figured he wanted to buy a new toy, but he wanted to donate it to the church's building project!) And of course Matthew needs mommy every couple of hours.

While the packing seems interminable, so do the goodbyes, which is difficult. I am thankful that goodbye is difficult though because it means that we have some deep bonds with the people around us.

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