Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mesa Verde...Cliff Dwellers

As a kid, I remember studying the cliff dwelling Indians. Back then we called them the "Anasazi," but now we know that word means "ancient enemy." So now they're called the "Pueblo Indians."

Nonetheless, I always thought it would be awesome to see where they lived!

Truly, a dream come true!

Do you see the remains of the dwelling behind us?

We toured the Balcony House. It was awesome to crawl around the ruins and climb the ladders. The ladders were added for the sake of the tourists.
The view from the Balcony House.

The narrow passage

Ellie, filling in her Jr. Ranger booklet.

Levi enjoyed the sights!

Levi filled in his Jr. Ranger booklet too!

Ryan, concentrating on his answers!

Jekyll Island Dolphin Tour

Two more dolphins surfaced.
One of many dolphin sightings!

Ellie's dream was to see real dolphins!

I love to see her smile!

We enjoyed the pelicans too!

Deadhorse Point State Park

It was an early, chilly morning to catch the sunrise! But it was worth it!

All bundled up!

Canyonlands National Park, U

It was a beautiful day for a drive through the canyon!


   On May 29, we left Idaho on the next step of our grand adventure!  It took us through southern Idaho and into Utah. We spent a couple nights in Moab and explored the beautiful sights.  Among those sights was Canyonlands National Park, full of red rock formations!
Mesa Arch

Ellie, enjoying the view.

I had knee surgery two weeks prior to this hike!
But we took it easy...

I love this man and the adventures he takes me on!

Mom's 70th Birthday

It had been a few years since the three of us were together!

Living on the mission field, there are things we don't take for granted...like family get-togethers.

This year we were able to be in Ohio for my mom's 70th birthday party. We got the whole family together...minus one grandson.

For my kids, it has been a time to learn about the joys of playing with cousins. Or picking on their uncle. Or snuggling with their aunt.

We are blessed...and we are thankful!
Our family...

My brother's family

My sister and her daughter...just missing her son.