Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mesa Verde...Cliff Dwellers

As a kid, I remember studying the cliff dwelling Indians. Back then we called them the "Anasazi," but now we know that word means "ancient enemy." So now they're called the "Pueblo Indians."

Nonetheless, I always thought it would be awesome to see where they lived!

Truly, a dream come true!

Do you see the remains of the dwelling behind us?

We toured the Balcony House. It was awesome to crawl around the ruins and climb the ladders. The ladders were added for the sake of the tourists.
The view from the Balcony House.

The narrow passage

Ellie, filling in her Jr. Ranger booklet.

Levi enjoyed the sights!

Levi filled in his Jr. Ranger booklet too!

Ryan, concentrating on his answers!

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