Friday, November 18, 2011


We recently had the chance for a little other words, we escaped! We went climbing at Manchester Bridge near the James River in Richmond. Basically, we climbed on the pilings from a Civil War railroad bridge! Ryan and Ellie even had their first real climbing experience!

The kids love the playgrounds on campus. Here Ryan is playing with BJ Bear, who lives at their school. Each student in his class gets to take a turn bringing BJ home for a week. We were especially thankful for the time that BJ spent with us because he was Ryan's buddy while he recovered from the concussion that he sustained during PE...but that's a whole other story of God's providence!

Matthew is growing fast.  He's already 6 months old! He loves to play on the floor, especially if someone agrees to join him. He enjoys being in his preschool class with the other babies, and even seems to have a budding friendship with a 6 month old girl named Avalyn...

Levi has been enjoying cultural worship. In this picture, he was wearing a hat from Africa to get in the rythm for African worship night! The kids love to dance...and they even sing along in the different languages!

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