Friday, July 20, 2012

4 Degrees North Part 1

4 Degrees North...of the equator. That's where we spent the last month. I have always dreamed of travelling to South America, but I have to be honest. The country of Suriname wasn't even on the radar of possible destinations. Seriously, they don't even speak Spanish there. The official language is Dutch, although only a small percentage of the upper class speak that. Most people speak a unique blend of Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and African dialects all wrapped up into one language.
The Amazon Jungle

"So, how was the jungle?"
                       Well, let me give you a rundown...
     pink-footed tarantulas
          grasshoppers with pincers
                     3 snakes              
piranha, wolf fish, peacock bass

Ellie enjoyed riding in the boat.

18 kids          
     3 stitches, 2 medical evacuations to the city
                    guitars, singing, clapping
                              little girl giggles
                                   3 Matthews, 2 Ellies

1 rope swing
            swimming in the river
                        washing LOTS of laundry in river

Levi fell out of his hammock.
        Jungle pedicures

              boat rides to the store
                          boat rides to church
                                       1 wrecked boat
                        2 birthday celebrations
4th of July
                    ice cream and slushy Coke
                                         hammocks and mosquito nets

 Of course, there was so much more. And that is why this is only part 1.

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