Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss in Mexico?

Fire is hooktuk
Chair is ooktuk
Fan is sooktuk

Ever feel like you live in a Sr. Seuss book?

Yep, that's what we're speaking these days...or at least, we're trying to speak it! The ZK language has no similarities to Spanish because it was a language that was spoken by an indigenous group long before Christopher Columbus ever sailed the ocean blue. It's still spoken in "Pine Hill," especially by the older generation. And the women and children.

I can't wait to have some level of fluency in this language. Or at least a level of comprehension! I've made a friend in "Pine Hill." Her name is Guadalupe, a common name for men and women in Mexico. She's very helpful, very friendly. At least when it's just the two of us chatting. But when she's around the other women, they speak primarily in ZK...leaving me to smile and nod. I'm sure that most of the time they are not talking about me...but then again, I know that they sometimes are. Like when I hear the word "catolica," and they all turn to look at me.

Yep, my friend Guadalupe just told all the women that I'm not Catholic. And now, they're looking at me suspiciously.

"Oh, so you're Adventist."
"No, I'm not Adventist. I'm a Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ."
"Well, if you're not Catholic, you're Adventist."

Oh how I long to speak their language so that I can share what the Good Book says. Many of them, although they declare themselves to Catholic, really have no idea what the Bible says. The freedom from vices, promises of eternal life, hope,'s all in there. And someday, I'll get beyond "hooktuk and ooktuk" to "God's love."

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