Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Open Arms

Our trips to Pine Hill have gotten SO busy! You see, we have a problem...we have too many friends who want to invite us in to their homes. Isn't that a GREAT problem to have?!? Praise the Lord.
Today we took a trip out to Pine Hill, and then home again. All in ONE day. It was an extremely busy day, filled to the brim with blessings. I'll try to recap...
1. We stopped to talk to Don Isabel. He invited us in to eat, which has turned in to the norm. He said, "I was telling my wife this morning that it was time for you to come visit and that she should make a meal for you today." We hadn't told anyone we'd be there this week! In fact, we had told people it would be next week!
2. While there, Don Isabel's Dad came in. This man is old, and missing many teeth! He told us how back in the 60s, he went to DF to translate, I think for SIL. (Going daily wage in Pine Hill was only 2 pesos!) They were working on the ZK-Spanish dictionary! Is that cool, or what?!! This man was telling us about which consonant you pronounce, etc. (Granted, he was missing many teeth, but he knew what he was talking about!)
3. Don Isabel told us his daughter wants to be our Language Helper!  Clay offered to go to the coffee fields to work with Don Isabel where they can talk and he can learn more and of course Don Isabel liked the idea.
4. We visited with Guadalupe and Leonardo. On our last visit, I shared the story of creation with Guadalupe. This time I followed it up with the first sin. Afterwards, she had SO many questions about having a relationship with God and how sinned changed it. I can not wait to story more and see how God reveals himself to her! There is an amazing friendship budding with Guadalupe. Her face brightens when we show up at her house. Now, I stand with her and the women and I am included. Little by little...God is opening the doors! (Guadalupe's sister-in-law gave me a bag of tamales de elote...delicious!)
5. At another stop, Clay went inside while I sat in the car with 3 of the kids. The people passing were very curious. Eventually a crowd gathered, and I got to visit with a couple of ladies. One of them said that if we come to live in Pine Hill, we will be received with open arms.
All of this in less than 5 our kids are building friendships with the kids there. Man, this is exciting! Please keep praying for Pine Hill, that God's glory will be revealed! And that we can build friendships that will last!


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  1. I am just smiling and feeling "chills" as I read this post. Praise God!! Praing for y'all.