Monday, July 1, 2013


A few months ago, we were contacted by Rosa, a friend from our home church in Idaho. She’s a nursing student and was wondering if she could come to Pine Hill and see how she could use her nursing skills within our ministry context. There are many awesome things about Rosa
She likes to run.

She knows how to make amazing refried beans…

            And tortillas…

                        And Mexican rice!
Rosa, teaching me to cook!

My kids adore her! (Matthew can’t say her name, so she’d been nicknamed “Ocha.”)

Rosa, studying with my kids!

She has so much nursing knowledge.

Rosa, playing in the tree house!

She’s bilingual! (Her parents are from Oaxaca, Mexico.)

I'm not sure, but I think Levi kissed Rosa!
She plays board games!

Rosa, playing monopoly with Ryan!
She LOVES a good exploring caves!

Rosa in the cave!

Ants...yep, Rosa even ate one!

From her first day here, she was helping people with her medical knowledge. She’s been able to teach about “basic” prevention techniques. (Sometimes what we consider “basic” has never been taught here.) She is volunteering at our local clinic where she has administered vaccines and given talks to the moms about nutrition and healthcare. And all along, she is sharing the Gospel!

 We are blessed to have Rosa’s help and encouragement.

Please pray for the rest of her time in Mexico
  • That she’ll stay healthy
  • That she’ll shine the light of Jesus everywhere she goes
  • And that God will work in Rosa’s life too

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