Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perfectly Precise Petri

Awhile back we met Petri, a young ZK lady from another village. She has a heart to serve the Lord and a wonderfully brilliant mind. I must admit, it’s been nice to have someone to challenge me to speak Spanish well. Petri loves words and contemplates word meanings. And she loves “play on words.” (We get along wonderfully!)

Petri has been diligently working on translating Bible stories into ZK. As I said, she has a gift for using words and she is determined to choose precise wording to tell the Story. We are blessed to have such a dedicated young lady working on this project!

Currently, Petri is staying with us while she works on the Bible stories. She and Serena (our college student from the US) are sharing a room. Pray for them to be able to bond. Petri does not speak English and Serena is working hard to acquire Spanish.

Pray for Petri. She is a third generation believer, which means that her grandfather was the first person in her village to accept Christ. Although the Word has been preached for about 45 years, there are still many within her family who struggle to fully accept Christianity. While they claim Christ, some still cling to other beliefs as well. To some degree, Petri has had her own struggles as well. Pray for her to be able to understand and apply Biblical Truth in every part of her life.

Pray for the translation project. We know that the enemy does not want her to finish translating and recording the stories. (We have chosen 30 stories from both the Old and New Testaments which we can use to tell the Gospel, from creation to Christ.) Pray that Petri will find the right words to convey the message in ZK. (We are excited to have someone working on this project with us. The down-side is that Petri speaks a different dialect of ZK. We still need someone who will be willing and able to translate and record stories in ZK of Pine Hill. Pray that we find someone!)

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