Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Time to Reminisce

It's been awhile since I've written a blog. Sometimes I just don't know what to share. Sometimes I just don't have time...or internet. But this week I have both time and internet!

So what's on my mind?

Four years ago we were saying our last goodbyes in Idaho. We had sold all of our worldly goods and we were beginning the biggest adventure of our lives...a move to the mission field in southern Mexico.
Look at those babies!
Ryan was 5, Ellie 3, Levi 1, and Matthew only a few months!
Saying goodbye to Grammy, Grandpa and Jimmy was hard! 

Our next adventure was the trip across the country from Idaho to Virginia, with stops along the way to visit friends and family. When we arrived in Virginia, it was time to learn all about being a missionary! Or, at least all they could teach us before our feet hit the ground.

We learned about Lottie Moon,
and the kids enjoyed this life-sized photo.

Matthew was ready to move to Mexico!

After our training, we got to spend a month in Ohio with my family. Precious memories!
Quality time with Uncle Charles!
Ellie had fun with Uncle Charles too!

Cousin Charis read to Ellie

Then it was time to get used to a whole new world! A new way to shop for groceries...new smells...new sights...a different language...but all an adventure.

Meat market

Fresh meat

Fresh produce

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