Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bringing in the New Year...

     How will we celebrate the New Year? We reflect back on where 2011 has taken us and it's been a wild ride to be sure! A few of the highlights...
Peek a boo!
  • We listed and sold our house in the spring. It only took one month! Praise the Lord!
  • After selling our house, we moved in to a small rental behind Clay's parents. What a blessing for the kids to be so close to their grandparents! (And we had a GREAT reason to begin purging the excess belongings.)
  • Baby Matthew was born May 12! Need I say more?
  • The Harris/Blake family reunion in July found us driving from Idaho to Mississippi with a 2 month old baby! How sweet it was to see my family!
  • In September we said goodbye to friends and family in Idaho and began our journey across the country, again.
  • The trip across the country (from Idaho, to Iowa, to Ohio, and finally to Virginia) allowed us to visit more friends and family while enjoying a beautiful, warm autumn.
  • Mid-October found us settling in for 2 1/2 months of training in preparation for our final destination: Mexico.
  • It's Levi!
  • After training we took a whirlwind tour of the northeast--New York City, upstate New York, Toronto, a short stop in Detroit for our visas, and finally back to Columbus, Ohio.
     Wow! And now we are packing once again. The final purge is here! Of course, I have many little helpers who make the job much more enjoyable!   We are entering the final countdown...three more Sundays!

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