Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To-Do List

The final 4 days in the States...the to-do list is shrinking, I think. We still need to make a trip to the post office to mail some packages and letters before we leave. One more Walmart trip? (Really? Is it necessary? They do have Walmart in Mexico!) And I need to finish packing...I have packed 8 footlockers and 1 1/2 suitcases. We are allotted 12 checked items for our family of 6, plus 2 carry-ons per person. (Although Matthew requires a diaper bag, and is allowed to take 2 bags, I really don't want to be carrying 4 bags, plus the baby!)

It should be entertaining to watch us load 9 footlockers, 3 suitcases, 6 carry-ons, and 4 children into a couple of vans and get to the aiport by 4 a.m. on least I'm sure it will be more entertaining to "watch" than it is to actually "do."

Tonight I explained to the kids that we're in the final countdown. They typically understand how many nights we have to sleep in one place the best. (Yeah, I'm starting to realize how abnormal life has been over the last 9 months...our kids are very accustomed to the countdown of how many nights we have left in a given location. I just counted and we've stayed in 12 different homes, not hotels, since April of 2011.) And so, we have 5 nights to sleep in the mission house at Uncle Charles' church. (Yes, I know it's not really Charles' church, but that's how my kids identify it.)

Here are a few things that I'd like to still no specific order.
  1. Eat at Chick-fil-a
  2. Watch my children play with their cousins :)
  3. Eat at Olive Garden
  4. Visit with my brother and his family
  5. Eat American pizza
  6. Visit with Mom
  7. Eat birthday cake and ice cream with my nephew Jonas (we leave on his birthday)
  8. Say farewell to my family


  1. SO excited for you & praying for a smooth transition! He's being glorified through you!

  2. Welcome Tammy! My name is Missy and we will meet sometime in the next few months I am sure. I am on your team and will meet you soon. I do live really far from where you are, but we will be that way sometime! Hope your arrival here has gone well and that you arrived with all of your bags! I looked for you on fb, but didn't find you. Anyway, just wanted to say, "Welcome!" I loved your list of things you wanted to do before you left! Good news is that the American pizza here is way better than in the US! We think the Pizza Hut pizza is 10 times better! Anyway, happy settling! ;o) Missy Wood

  3. Missy, I saw your location on the map last night at Alan's house! (I just have to keep the Wood family and Woods family straight!) I did not have pizza in the states before we left, but we did have it our first day in Mexico--Papa John's. I am on facebook...will look for you so we can connect!