Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flat Meghan--Day One

Recently, we had a visitor arrive at our house all the way from the state of Washington. Her name is Flat Meghan and we are delighted to get to show her around southern Mexico. Our first outing was on Sunday. We took her to church at a small, rural mission church. Clay had been asked to preach, so we loaded up and headed out by 8am. It was an hour and a half trip! The first hour wasn't too bad, but the last half hour was a rough, bumpy, dirt road.

The first part of the trip...

The last half hour...
glad we weren't walking!

We were all happy to get to the church! Once there, the people were very friendly. The ladies prepared us breakfast...they made scrambled eggs and corn tortillas! The tortillas were so yummy. They make them by hand and cook them over the fire. (Unfortunately, we had no idea they were cooking or we would have tried to venture into the kitchen to watch.) They told us that all girls know how to cook by the time they're 10 years old! And they don't have stoves like you and I do. It's all over the fire...kind of like camping, but it's every day.

When we were done eating, we entered the church and took our seats. It was kind of different because the men all sat on the right side of the church and the women and children sat on the other side. Another major difference is that although we are in Mexico where most people speak Spanish, here in the town of Tenejapa, they speak tzeltal! When Clay preached in Spanish, another man had to translate the message to tzeltal!

Clay and his tzeltal translator

After church, we went outside to sit in the warm sunshine. Again, we didn't really know what we were waiting for, but the ladies were in cooking again. They served us scrambled eggs and handmade tortillas again for lunch. It was very humbling, knowing that this church was sacrificing the small amount that they had to feed us.

The girls were making necklaces and crowns by
braiding flowers together.

After lunch, we visited two families from the church. We sang and prayed, and then Clay shared a story from the Bible to encourage them. It was a very long day! Not at all like we would experience in the States. We didn't get home that night until 7:15, and then it was time to shower and go to bed!

**We recently read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, as did our friend Meghan. It's about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board, but not hurt. He has many adventures while flat, like being flown as a kite and mailed to his friend's house in California for vacation. And that's how we got to have Flat Meghan with us!**

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