Friday, March 15, 2013

For Love

We finally got to spend our first two nights in our new home in the "village." Really, it's more like a small town, but it's literally at the end of the road. No Walmart in sight. Just lots of rain clouds...

I spent the first two hours in my new home cleaning--sweeping up mouse poop, making a mental note to buy mouse poison, mopping. Scattered amongst that was caring for 3 of the 4 little ones. (The fourth was with Daddy, buying lumber.) Finally I sat down to rest and work on my embroidery project.

It was naptime for Matthew and movie time for Ryan and was quiet.

Well, at least it was quiet in my house.

Outside I heard
     the rain drops dripping on the leaves
          the roosters crowing               a baby crying        the twang of the neighbor's machete
                   from somewhere music was blaring             churchbells ringing    
                               dogs barking              a child's squeal                         birds chirping        

                    All that mixed with the smell of bleach...and roasting coffee.

I had never noticed just how much noise there is in Pine Hill. But I'd also never had the opportunity to just sit and contemplate why I'm here.

In August of 2010, Clay and I took a trip to San Francisco to attend a Mission Expo with our mission board. It was during that weekend conference that we heard about a people group in Southern Mexico who had never heard of the Gospel. God awakened our calling. We always knew, deep down that God was calling us to go to Chiapas, to work with indigenous people. And we were waiting patiently for His timing.

Here we are, two and a half years later. At the "beginning" of the next step of our great Adventure. All because God began a work in us years ago. He gave us a LOVE for His people. A yearning to share with them the Truth.

Pray that God will grow this LOVE in our hearts, that we will be burdened for a lost people, and that He will give us wisdom as we share the Story.

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