Saturday, April 13, 2013

On Guard

Today we returned from a four-night stay in our Pine Hill village home. It was our longest visit so far and we came away not wanting to leave. Our whole family would have been content to just stay...except that we still have next to no furniture in the house. So far, we have a bean bag chair, 3 plastic chairs, 4 kid-sized chairs and a kid-sized table, a few hammocks, and 2 borrowed cots. We also have a dorm size fridge, an electric skillet, and a  gas stove with one burner. It's kind of like camping, but I'm ready for it to be more permanent. I'm ready to have a real kitchen and a real bed! (Oh, and don't forget my washer and dryer...although I have become proficient at washing clothes by hand.)

This visit started out very rough. To begin with, Ellie got sick Sunday night so Clay took her to the doctor so that hopefully she wouldn't get worse in the village. (There are doctors open til 10 pm!) Monday morning we packed up and headed out. As we got close to Pine Hill, Clay stopped at a saw mill to buy some lumber...and that's when things really got difficult.

Two of the kids needed to go to the bathroom...but the term there was "buscar monte" which essentially means to go find a bush to hide behind. Unfortunately, one of the kids had a potty mishap which sent me back to the car looking for clean clothes. (Guess we need more practice at squatting!) The kids and I spent over 90 minutes waiting in the car...and of course the same child needed to potty again. He assured me that he now remembered the Squatty Potty from our training in Virginia! So out he went again...but again, I was scrambling for clean clothes. (It really wasn't his fault though. Our poor kids have been suffering stomach issues and he simply couldn't help it.) Then it was a diaper that leaked...and me looking for another set of clean clothes.

Like I said, we waited over 90 minutes in the car. Honestly, I was getting a bit frustrated. I mean, why should it take that long to buy some wood?!? One reason is that only the boss man can take the money. The rest of the guys are just there to work. So we waited for the boss man to get there.

But during that time, Clay was building relationships with the men. And then he was sharing about Jesus. A humbling moment for me. Yes, I was left to clean up poopy kids behind a bush. But Clay was sharing about God's love.

As we left the saw mill, we realized that we were in a spiritual battle, so we paused to pray. We know that the Enemy doesn't want us to spead the Word. Sometimes it's just difficult to recognize that it's a battle and not just me getting frustrated because I have to clean up poop behind a bush. Twice.

Please remember to lift us up! We know that the battle is won through prayer. I don't know how to explain it other than to tell you that when the Saints are praying on our behalf, we can tell a difference. We feel it!

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.
Do everything in love."
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

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