Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty Light

"Suni nø syøngu! Suni nø syøngu,” the women exclaimed as Clay went back to check on the “light” that he had installed at our neighbors’ house.

Electricity is relatively new in our village…it’s only been about 18 years. Many homes have one light bulb crudely hung in each room. And there are few windows. You can imagine how dark the homes are and how difficult it is for the women to prepare food or for the young people to do their homework.

Clay came across an idea on the internet that is a simple and cost-effective solution to alleviate the darkness. It requires using a recyclable 2-liter soda bottle.

First, Clay scrubbed it.


Then he filled it with water and a few drops of bleach, then sealed it tightly.
Next, he cut a hole in the neighbors’ roof that was just big enough for the soda bottle. After placing the bottle in the hole, Clay sealed the edges to keep the water out.

During the day, the sunlight filters through the water and is dispersed throughout the whole room. When our neighbors’ daughter came home from school that day, she wondered how her dad had installed another light bulb.

Clay went back to the neighbors’ house today to see how the “light” was doing. The room was brightly lit and the ladies were very grateful for their “pretty light.”  Our neighbor Felix enthusiastically proclaimed, “Buen hecho, güero!” (Well done, white guy!)


Please pray that we can share boldly about the Light that shines in the darkness!








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  1. all 3 blogs show Gods love through the Richardson family! what a blessing you are, yes to where God has lead you, but to the outside world peeking in. I never considered the missionary so world connected until learning from you, how world wide connected you are. you witness to all of us. You lead all of us to look out