Saturday, November 16, 2013

Does God Have a Belly Button?

Recently we decided to have a family worship on a Sunday morning. (We had been doing a Bible study with another couple then, but it got moved to Tuesday morning.) After worship, we were going to visit our friends, Rod and Ceci, so I was busily baking a coffee cake to share before we got started with worship.

I was interrupted when the doorbell ran. Rod wanted to know if they could come by and visit us. There was no electricity in town…and quite honestly we have one of the most comfortable houses in town because we've been able to make some modifications, like insulation in the "attic."

Half an hour later, Rod and Ceci were comfortably sitting in our dark living room. As I served hot coffee and coffee cake, the doorbell rang again. And a little later it rang again. Our “family” worship turned into worship with four of our friends.

Clay told the story of the first sin from Genesis and then we talked about what it means. What do you like about the story? What do you not like? What can we learn about God? From there, we tried to answer their questions about who is God, and why He created us.
“Did Adam and Eve have a belly button?”
          “Does God have a belly button?”

“If Eve sinned by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, does that mean that knowledge is sinful?”

So many verses…

“Be perfect as I am perfect,” but yet I’m a sinner, saved by grace!

 So many Bible stories…

          The Flood, God chooses Abraham, Jesus’ command to love the Lord and your neighbor...

                   “Do you sing to the Virgin Mary?”
                             “No. She’s dead.”
“If God spoke directly to Adam and Eve, can he still talk to us today?”

“Should we worship individually or corporately?”
“Does the Bible tell us how many minutes we should pray every day?”

I think the best part was listening to them confer in ZK, discussing what they believe. And then, asking us what we believe and what the Bible says.

I can only pray that God brings more of those “interruptions” into our lives.

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