Monday, March 31, 2014

Village Sunday School

Sunday mornings are always a unique adventure. Most weeks we have “home church.” It’s a simple idea that dates back to the book of Acts. Originally, it was our family of six that would gather in our living room. We sing a few praise choruses and then tell a Bible story. Then we ask a few questions about the story. Everyone participates together. Occasionally, one of the kids will tell the story too.

A few months back, people starting showing up on Sunday mornings. Our friend RW is there every week! Sometimes his girlfriend Berta comes with him. Rod and Ceci and their four boys have come a couple of times.

One week RW showed up with a new friend, Pedro. Pedro is a ZK believer who lives about an hour further up the mountain in the village of St. Paul.  He shared his testimony of how God brought him out of alcoholism and into a position of leadership in the church. About 14 years ago, a church was built in his community and he was given the responsibility of preaching.  He had been discipled and was ready for the task. At one point he had 20-some people attending. Today, it’s only him and his wife and they have been very discouraged and lonely.

 We have been invited to preach and teach in his community! Currently, our goal is to spend two Sundays a month in their community. The first Sunday, I decided to attempt to teach Sunday school for the children. (Those who know me know that this is not where I would prefer to be! But there is a huge need.) I had no idea how many children would arrive, how long I would need to entertain them, or exactly what would be available.

Clay, using a Bible story to teach the Truth!

The kids and I found a piece of concrete to sit on, but it was rough and dirty.  I told the story of creation. I was surprised how many of the kids hadn’t heard this basic story in an area where the Catholic Church maintains a stronghold. After telling the story and asking some questions, I gave the kids crayons and a color sheet. At first, they tried to color on the ground, but before long they were using the wall as their easel.
The perfect Sunday School location?

The kids LOVED coloring...

...except for Matthew.
He was more interested in the dirt pile!

The next week, Clay decided to use the story of creation as his lesson for the adults. I thought it could be good for the kids to sit in church and listen to the story again. While I know my kids were listening and participating in the questions, I’m not sure the other kids did.

 Please pray for me as I make a commitment to teach these children! Pray that I will speak the lessons clearly and concisely. And pray that the lessons and God’s Word will touch their hearts and lives will be transformed. Pray for the community of St. Paul, that the people there will humble themselves, and pray, and seek the Lord’s face. Pray for Pedro and his wife Teresa, that they will be encouraged to fight the good fight and remain faithful.

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