Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How Being a Missionary Has Changed My Life…Part Two

Earlier this year I was contemplating how my life has changed since we moved to Mexico, and sometimes the changes make me laugh…and sometimes they make me want to cry.
  1. Not only am I a hoarder, but I’m a Recycler. Now, I don’t mean that I save my tin cans and plastic to put in the special recycling bin for the garbage man to pick up. I mean that I reuse zip lock bags, empty toilet paper rolls, the elastic out of a pair of worn out shorts, etc. I turned my favorite pair of pants into a skirt. Prior to living in a rural village in Mexico, I would have thrown out the holey pants and headed to the clearance rack at Ross or Eddie Bauer.
  2. I wear plastic shoes. I owned a pair of Crocs once in the States. I justified it because I was pregnant and my feet were swollen. Now I have “dressy Crocs,” which my husband says is an oxymoron. (But, Crocs have expanded their business since I was last pregnant.) Now I have cute high heel Crocs and another pair of “Mary Jane” Crocs. To complete my village footwear, I have rain boots and multiple pairs of flip flops…all can easily be hosed off and left to dry after a good rainstorm.
  3. Pediatric Check-ups? In the U.S., our children were taken for “well-child” visits as often as prescribed by our pediatrician. Now our pediatrician is 4 hours away…and is only seen when absolutely necessary. We know what scabies look like. We know how to detect and treat ear infections. We know the common symptoms for salmonella, giardia, and amoebic infections. And we know the power of prayer.
  4. Talking to Mom. In the U.S. I talked to my mom at least once a week, if not more often. Now we’re happy to talk twice a month! We hope that we can have cell coverage in our village someday…or satellite internet.

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