Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday Travel

 What does Sunday morning look like? When we lived in Idaho, Sunday morning meant getting up and getting myself and four little ones “ready” for church…nice clothes, Ellie’s hair done nice, nice shoes…details. But living in Pine Hill, getting “ready” has changed a little. Often the kids (and I) wear mud boots. And we don’t wear “nice” clothes.
Our drive to church is only 8 miles…but it takes at least an hour to get there! Sometimes, as we drive along, I think about how I would love to show off where we live. It’s really hard to explain, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
So this week, I took some pictures to give an idea of what we see and experience.
We are blessed with beautiful clouds when it's not raining!
It had rained earlier in the week.
We passed lots of mud puddles.

Once we get to Saint Paul, then we have a short walk to the church building.

This waterhole ... what can I say?
We have to pass on the edge of it!

We don't always make it through the mud without falling.
In fact, we often arrive at church with mud.

Teresa, Pedro, and Clay

At the end of the day...scrubbing the mud!

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  1. Your family is in our prayers. I was just this morning complaining about a 15 mile ride to church that takes all of 15 minutes. No mud, no mess. Bless you