Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Luci...and her family!

This is Luci, standing in the kitchen at her parents' house.
They dry meet over the fire, and when they learned that Clay likes
jerkey, they gave us some!
This past Saturday, we took a trip to meet Luci's parents in the village of Tenejapa. It was a beautiful drive, and we had a wonderful visit with her family. We learned so much about life in the village...and macadamia nuts!

We learned just how hard the macadamia nut shell is...and that must be why they're so expensive!
He had so  much fun investigating everything!

Levi learned quickly that the kitchen was the place to be!

Luci's sister wasn't used to having her picture taken,
but we finally coaxed a smile!

Luci's traditional braids.

Luci's sister was making a beautiful embroidered
purse, like the one hanging behind I had to
buy one! 
The ladies LOVED Matthew! And he tolerated them, for awhile.
This is Luci's Mom. She doesn't speak Spanish,
but she still loved on Matthew!
We had so much fun visiting with Luci's family. Ryan, Ellie, and Levi had a blast playing with Monsi (Luci's daughter). They ran and ran...sometimes chasing chickens, other times just chasing each other. They explored and investigated. They drank coffee and ate macadamia nuts and watermelon! It was such a great experience for the kids...they can hardly wait to go back!

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