Tuesday, March 6, 2012

School Days

Just look at that smile!
Here in Mexico, all school kids wear uniforms to school. So, when we registered the kids, we bought their new uniforms. They were SO excited about these sweatshirts that they didn't want to take them off when we tried them on for size. Unfortunately, we couldn't get pants or a shirt for Ryan. Just the sweatshirt and sweater. The teacher kept commenting on how BIG the kids are, which made Clay and I chuckle. They are on the small side of average in the U.S., but not here!  The kids were very excited for their first day of school.  Ellie told me she was excited about finding her new best friend! Love it! Ryan was just excited to get to play with new toys and different kids! Unfortunately, once we got to the school, Ellie's big smile disappeared and was replaced by giant crocodile tears. I was assured the tears only lasted a short while, and Ellie had a great day! And, Ryan had a hard time staying focused on the tasks at hand...he just wanted to play! (No surprise to those who know my children!)

Day Two: On non-gym days, the kids wear these uniforms...although once again, we don't have the shirt or pants for Ryan! When I dropped the kids off, Ryan took off to play. Ellie stayed close, and asked me to pray with her before I left. And the tears fell once again, even though she had a good experience the day before.

 Poor Levi is lost without his big brother and sister. He has walking around, asking, "Where Ryan? Where Ellie?" He also wants to sit in my lap and snuggle all day...and although I love that, I can't just sit and snuggle...unless I have a helper cleaning the house... 

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  1. I am keeping tabs on you! I lost the way into your blog for a bit, but Facebook set us straight again.
    do you want us to send any little special somethings your way? a type of spice? stickers? a favourite chocolate bar?
    I'll keep watching your Facebook and if I hear a hint of something, we,ll do it.