Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing House

 When Clay and Ryan made the trip to Chiapas to look for a house, I was completely confident that Clay would findan appropriate house for our family. But when he said they found a house and it was "rustic," I wasn't quite sure what to think.
But here it is...and I do like it. In fact, I find it to a cute little house. Just right for our family.

The living room has a very cute fireplace. And all the floors required LOTS of scrubbing.

The kids enjoyed "helping" us scrub.

We even have a front YARD, with grass and an aloe plant! I can hardly believe it.

 We still have lots to do to get our house functioning completely, but we at least have our own place. The fun part is choosing our own furniture, dishes, and decorations for the house.                                  


  1. Tammy I am so enjoying all of your updates. Your house is adorable. I want to see the kitchen too! Praying for you guys!
    Cherie Stempowski

  2. The kitchen is currently a disaster! I don't have any cabinets yet...just a couple of shelves! Trying to maintain some order in the midst of chaos. But soon!