Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

For many people who grew up in the United States, Super Bowl Sunday is a huge event. People gather to watch the game, hang out, eat good food...oh, and don't forget the awesome commercials! We had an interesting night in San Cristobal as we gathered with Americans and Mexicans to watch the "Big Game." Clay and I are not big football fans...we didn't even know which teams were playing. But we had fun! (I don't even know who won the game...I think I saw more Little Einsteins with the kids than football being played!)

So, yes, we have arrived in San Cristobal. We have a house, but it's not ready for us to move in yet. In the mean time, we are staying with a wonderful missionary family (The Terrells), who are quickly becoming very dear to us. It still boggles my mind that we "met" them through google, and now we are living in their basement.

The Terrells have 3 little girls who are about the same ages as our oldest three...and they have #4 on the way! It's been fun to watch the kids play and interact with each other. Our first day here, the girls decided to play outside in the water! It didn't take Ryan and Levi long to join in on the fun!

Today the kids had their first exposure to a Mexican church service! The service lasted two hours, and I think we sang four hymns during that time. They did very well, trying to listen and sit still. At one point, Ryan leaned over and whispered to me, "I just heard the pastor say 'hand' in Spanish!" I hated to point out that he heard "hermano" (brother), not "mano" (hand), but it's a beginning, and I am thrilled that he could pick out that much!

Tomorrow marks our three week point of being in country. The time has passed quickly, and it's so good to be here. Now that we are in our city, we are ready to "get started" with all that is before us.

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