Thursday, February 16, 2012

Venturing in to the Village

Explaining how the filter works.
This week Clay and I had the opportunity to go in to one of the nearby villages to set up a water filter and to adjust a wood cooking stove that had been installed a month ago (when Clay was here house-hunting). Finally...a glimpse of what we hope to be doing in the future with the Z people! It was a great reminder of why we're here...not just setting up our house and getting our kids in to a good school, but improving lives by sharing the Gospel.
Most of the indigenous people who live in the villages cook over an open fire. In the picture above, you can see the walls of the kitchen. There are gaps, which would have helped let some of the smoke out of the kitchen. (The "house" is separate, where the family sleeps.) With this new stove, there is a chimney which means the family is not inhaling the smoke from the fire. Another benefit is that the family is using about 1/4 the amount of firewood. Now, less time is needed to gather firewood to keep the cookstove burning.

This is Juan and his family with their stove and water filter (2 white buckets)
And look at the tall, white guy!
Juan's neice came to watch!
The neighbor's house...

The view from the drive

A woman returning from the field.
The people were as intrigued with us
as we were with them!


  1. Tall white guy! Hahaha:) So glad that you are settling in and so passionate about what God is calling you to!

  2. Glad to see the "work" has begun. Thanks for sharing! Amy