Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Boy, part 2

   For Ryan's birthday celebration, we went to Arcotete which is the equivalent to a state park in the States. There were rocks to climb on, a swing, a campfire, a rickety bridge (which I don't have a picture of) that we crossed to get to the caves, cake, candy, coca-cola,trails to hike, a herd of sheep, and lots of room for the kids to run! We had such an enjoyable, relaxing day! But don't forget the pinata...the moment Ryan has been waiting months to enjoy!
Ryan was especially excited to get to pick out his own pinata. There are so many different options, but his favorite was Batman. Gabi and Chloe (they're the kids who live upstairs from us) got to come join in the fun! We made for quite a sight with all that blonde hair and white skin!
I have more photos that I'd like to the crowd that gathered to watch us break the pinata, the little boy that rushed in to gather candy (he sticks out a bit due to the amount of skin pigmentation that he has) and the herd of sheep that nearly crashed our party...but alas, the internet is not allowing it. So enjoy!

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  1. happy happy birthday Ryan, yay for Batman, hope it was full of a whole bunch of candy and you already ate it all up. My dad used to let us eat as much as we wanted after hallowe'en so we made sure we'd ask him and NOT MOM when we wanted some.
    handmade furniture!!! yes please!
    we have a wee bit of snow, and the boys and I (angie) made a snowman with the help of the dog ramp to get the body up. It lasted three minutes because I forget in my excitement to pack in the balls at the base, so now, sigh, it's a sleeping snowman. Or so we say around here. much love
    us lobacks