Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been waiting for this...

One new China, wait! Mexico hutch?
I don't know, but either way, I'm pretty excited to have furniture! It's kind of nice to have a place to put things. But once we got the hutch, I had to find dishes. (Previously we only had plastic plates and cups, which are nice when you have 4 small kids, but hardly worthy of such a beautiful hutch, right?)

So, I headed to the market where I found coffee mugs, a sugar bowl,
a napkin holder, plates, bowls, and a salsa dish.
For my birthday, my children picked out tortilla holders! Beautiful!

The furniture that Ryan has been awaiting...
the entertainment center.
A.K.A "future home of the Wii"


  1. lovely hutch, definitely have hutch envy at present.
    and you can have ant envy
    we haven't named the 3.6 billion of them yet, but we are unfortunately feeding them well.
    oh look 3.7 billion...

  2. I don't have to have ant envy...I haven't mentioned the Ant War that Clay has waged in our home. Although, I must say Clay has been quite victorious in the war, therefore we only have about 1.2 million. Much less than your 4.5 billion.