Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Look Into Our World

Recently, a short-term medical team was in the area working with friends of ours. They held medical clinics and shared the Gospel among two different people groups. It was a joy to get to know this group who came to serve. (And a treat to get to eat American chocolate!)
There was a professional photographer in the group, and she took some amazing photos, capturing the faces and scenery that surround us.
With her permission, I'm posting some of my favorite pics.

This woman was seeing the doctor, with her daughter
carried in her wrap.

What a cutie!
This lady was taking a break on the porch.

Aubrey was painting the girls' nails.

I love the simplicity of this photo.

A landmark in San Cristobal.

The beauty of God's creation.

Donkeys truly are a common sight.

Just look at those big, beautiful eyes!


Gathering firewood in order to be able to cook.

This picture says so much...

Sunrise in Chiapas


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  2. So beautiful.... she is truly a gifted photographer. Thank you for sharing!