Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Bread...and Lost Souls

Today is Saturday. And today we slept in until 7:38! Exciting news in the Richardson home. So, to celebrate we decided to go get donuts and pan dulce (sweet bread) and head to the park for breakfast. A normal day...we thought.

As we ate at the picnic table, the security guard came over to chat with Clay.
     A usual conversation...
             "How's your family? How many kids do you have? How's your wife?"
      But  the answers broke our heart...he has 6 kids...his wife is well, but she left him and the kids 4 months ago for another man.

As Clay talked more, the kids and I went to play on the toys. Soon, I had a shadow...

We have been praying for opportunities to talk and meet people, for friends for the kids. So I started asking him some typical questions...

"What's your name?"      "Javier"
"Do you live close by?"       "Yes."
"How old are you?"      "I don't know."

"Do you have siblings?"       "Four."
"Are you the youngest?"      "Yes."
"So, you don't go to school, do you?"        "No."

"If you don't go to school, what do you do all day?"    "Nothing."
"You don't know how to read, do you?"      "No." 

"Why don't you go to school?"     "My mom doesn't want me to go."
"What does your dad do?"     "Nothing."
"He doesn't work?"       "No."

"Does your mom work?"    "She sells tortillas."
"What do you want to do when you're grown up?"       "Wash cars."

The reality of this boy's life hit me hard. He doesn't know how old he is! Which means he's never celebrated a birthday. His greatest aspiration is to work at a car wash when he's big. His Dad doesn't work, and his Mom sells tortillas. Can you really make a living for a family of 6 by selling tortillas? Does his Dad even live at home? 

My heart is saddened by the reality of life around us.
The hopelessness...
The lostness...

Our focus needs to be the Bread of Life...not just donuts and sweet bread.

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  1. I was so humbled being down there......learning from the people......everything we take for granted......and the pure joy that is found in Christ alone.