Monday, August 20, 2012

El Puerto

A friend of ours invited us to his home the other day. That didn't mean the house he currently lives in, but the house where he grew up. He wanted us to meet his grandpa, who has been a Christian for 22 years. Our friend recently re-committed his life to Christ, and his grandfather is grateful.

So, we went yesterday (Sunday). The plan was to leave town around 9am which would give us a couple hours to visit before church started at 1pm. It was an hour and a half trip, with the last 5 kilometers being the roughest part due to the rough road.

When we arrived at El Puerto, we of course caused quite a stir! There are few foreigners who venture that far off the beaten path. And then there were the four white kids...we were constantly being watched by someone peeking through the fence, or hiding behind a tree.

Our friends family wasn't there...they had gone into the city because the Grandpa had been feeling sick. After a phone call to verify, we learned they were on their way home. So, we decided to walk through the village to see the people, and take some pictures.

While walking through town, we discovered that there was a guest preacher at church...and the service started early. We were bummed that we didn't get to attend church, but it allowed us to spend more time visiting with our friend's family. They even took us out to their cornfield and Clay and the guys picked a few dozen ears of corn. It was an amazing adventure for to the kids to wander through the cornfield.

They have to haul water from the well, so they
carry it in this pot, and hang it from their head.

The water pot
Levi liked the pozol,
a drink made from corn.

The fireplace
One of the smiling neighbor girls

With all of the mud, rubber boots are a must.

I love this little girl's smile...and her bigger sister right
behind her.

It was such a beautiful day! The clouds were amazing.

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