Sunday, June 2, 2013

Afternoon Visits

This afternoon we had two young visitors at our home. Norma is 9 years old and lives next door. We see her often, sitting on the step in front of her house. Today, she was hanging out with her friend Dulce who is 10 years old. They asked if they could come in to play, so we invited them to sit on our front porch and Ellie got out a few dolls.

It was a fun visit. We practiced speaking ZK with them and they taught us a few new words. They were adorable as they went back and forth in ZK discussing how something should be said.

As we chatted, I shared the story of Creation. Dulce said that was her favorite Bible story because she liked hearing how God created Adam and Eve. Norma said her favorite Bible story was the Prodigal Son, so Clay shared that story with them.

 It’s encouraging to see young people who have heard the Word of God. We pray that through the Word these young girls will grow up with HOPE, that they’ll have relationship with their Lord, and not merely a religion.

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