Sunday, June 2, 2013


What would your life look like if you had no hope? Every day you go to the campo to cut firewood, or harvest the beans and corn. You come home just in time for the rain to begin, and then you sit and watch it rain.

Or maybe you own your own business! And you hope to sell 50 pesos (or FOUR dollars) worth of goods so that you can afford to feed your family of four that day.

Would you lose hope? Would you feel overwhelmed? Would you look for something better? Something easier? Something to take away the pain? Something to make you forget?

We live in a community where the people have little hope. There is very little to make the people smile. Our neighbor boy is about 8 years old. He doesn’t go to school and he doesn’t go to the campo to work alongside his dad. He just hangs out on the streets during the day. When we talked to his Mom, she said, “He doesn’t want to work.” 

We wonder what will become of this boy. Will he grow up like so many others in this town? Will he learn to sniff paint thinner? Will he start drinking and smoking? Will he rob from his neighbors to pay for his vices? Will he eventually make the dangerous trip north and cross the border illegally, hoping to find a job that pays more than 70 pesos a day? (The average DAILY salary equates to less than SIX dollars for men in our community.  Girls who work as maids typically make just over THREE dollars a day, for a full 12 hour day.)
Please pray that the Word of God will transform the lives of the ZK people and that they'll find HOPE.

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  1. praying that the Word of God will transform the lives of the ZK people.....doing it! absolutely
    and for our dear dear friends whom we love so very much, that they will see the way laid out for them clearly and without despair.
    It meant so much to us to see your name on our silly blog, that you keep in the loop, and that you continue to keep us in the loop with your newsletters and blog updates. I wonder if we could possibly rain more prayer on you then what you get with the rainy season! tis a good challenge, we're on it.
    Loback 5