Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lessons Learned--Part Two

As we finish up our first month in our village, we’ve learned A LOT!

  1. If you only pay the equivalent of $1 for a haircut, you must be willing to accept how it turns out…or walk around with your head tilted to one side until it grows out. (We chalk it up as a worthy ministry expense…Clay has a captive audience for the duration of the haircut…which might explain why it was so crooked.)
  2. I had my house helper hang my laundry on the line. She turned everything inside out, which we attribute to the fact that they don’t want clothes to get bleached in the sun. This is good. I asked her to fold the laundry and she didn’t turn it right side out…okay. The next day I asked her to fold clothes that came out of the dryer, and therefore was not inside out. She turned it ALL (including the socks) inside out as she folded. I realize that sometimes I need to take a deep breath…and then re-fold all of the laundry. The day after that we explained that we like our clothes folded right side out. Lesson—don’t expect things to be done the way we’ve always done them, and be willing to patiently teach.
  3. While living in the land of internet, I realize that I dream of making all of the amazing recipes on Pinterest.  Living here, I have been baking a lot more than normal. Lesson—Pinterest recipes are fat free until you actually bake them. If I plan to bake, I need to plan to exercise.
  4. During rainy season, which they say is 10 months out of the year, plan to do things when the rain stops. And carry an umbrella.

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