Monday, January 13, 2014

Norma…my other daughter!

The kids who started showing up to play...

            Shortly after we moved to Pine Hill, the neighbor girl and her friend started knocking on the door to ask if they could
play with our kids. We were cautious at first, but Norma and her friend Dulce proved to be sweet, considerate young girls.

Cupcakes for Norma's birthday...
a perfect surprise!

            After awhile, it was Norma who was knocking on our door almost every day. I admit I was still cautious about opening my home. I have enjoyed my home being my safe haven. But eventually God showed me that Norma needed a safe have too.
Norma, opening her stocking!

            Norma is the youngest child in her family. I don’t remember how many kids there are, but since she’s the youngest and a girl, her older brothers aren’t always very nice to her. Norma’s mom works outside the home and her dad isn’t always home. Often it’s Norma and her brothers.

            After Norma shared about her brother I realized that she too needed a safe haven. We made a deal that she would come to our house after school every day. She helps wash the dishes and sweep the floors. And she plays with the kids. Ellie looks forward to Norma coming over because they play Barbies together! (Ellie always wanted a sister!)

Norma's Family after high school graduation
Norma, Don Felix, Elizabeth, Doña Brigida, Pablina

            Now, it’s not just after school. Norma is with us almost every day. Her parents have shared with us that Norma is already sad that someday we will move away. She told her parents that she’s going to have them sign papers so that we can take her with us when we leave.

And sometimes that idea is very tempting…when I see how hungry she is, or how lonely, or how mistreated by her brothers…

Granny and her newest granddaughter!

 Please pray for Norma and her family. She has mentioned that she likes coming to our house because our home is so peaceful. Imagine…a house with four rambunctious kids is peaceful to her.

Pray that our family can testify to Norma of the Peace of God. That she can know the Savior and that her life can be transformed.

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