Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marbella Update

Marbella (“beautiful sea”). She first attracted our attention because she looked like she had chicken pox or some other skin ailment covering her face and arms. At that time, our friend Rosa (a nursing student from the US) was working with us.

Rosa was quick to give Marbella a check-up—looking in her ears and eyes, taking her temperature, listening to her heart, and checking her vaccination card. Although Marbella’s skin condition was a concern, a greater concern was the heart defect that Rosa could hear.

We contacted the local doctor and got everything set up for Marbella to be taken to Tuxtla, the capital city of the state of Chiapas, where the best area hospitals are located. Then, we waited. When we would travel through her village, we would ask about Marbella. The answer was always the same. “No, we haven’t taken her to Tuxtla yet.” Of course there was always a reason given, but as we drove away we could only shake our heads.

Finally, in May, Marbella was on her way to Tuxtla with her mom and baby sister.

We hope to find out the results from their trip to Tuxtla soon. Until then, we continue to pray for beautiful Marbella and her family.



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