Thursday, May 29, 2014

“What is church like for you?”

Recently I had the opportunity to Skype with different Sunday School classes at my home church in Idaho. It was so fun to see how much the children had grown since we left almost three years ago! And to see the faces of loved ones…it was priceless! I long for the day that we can visit face to face.

While I visited via Skype, each class had different questions, things they were curious about. One question was, “What is church like for you?”

This was a difficult question to answer. It changes so much from week to week. And therein lays the blessing! Last summer, church was our immediate family. (For a time, that included Rosa, our beloved sister in Christ who was “visiting” from Idaho.) For months it was the 6 of us. Then it was our family, plus RM and Berta.

We would sing praises, pray and share a Bible story. After the Bible story, we would discuss the characteristics of God found in the story. Then we would sing and pray some more. And finally, we would drink coffee and eat cookies or coffee cake while we visited.

Sometimes this is what church still looks like. We just don’t always fit in our living room anymore! Now, we sometimes meet in the big back room of our house. Our friend Miguel comes with his two sons. And his wife came once too!

 Twice a month our family drives an hour to the village of St. Paul where we do the same. The difference is that we meet in a small church building. And I have the privilege of teaching “Sunday School” to the kids. (Last week there were 24 people at St. Paul! And 14 were kids!)
Pray that God will move hearts and that we will see evangelical churches planted amongst the ZK people!



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