Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anayeli and the Smile Train

      A few months back we were travelling through a village, on our way to visit some friends. Just before we arrived, we saw a little girl, running and smiling. Her smile was different than most, but it still lit up her whole face.
     A few days later, we were chatting with a fellow M who mentioned that
 he had been in contact with Smile Train…do we know anyone who might need reconstructive surgery? They’re working in Tuxtla. All expenses are covered.
     The next week we were travelling back to the village and on our to-do list was to find this little girl. Clay found her easily and her parents were very willing to answer his questions. The girl’s name is Anayeli. And yes, they would be interested in learning more about Smile Train.
     Pray for Anayeli and her family. We are doing all that we can to connect her family with the doctors. Pray that her beautiful smile can be repaired. And pray that she and her family will see the love of Jesus shining through everyone involved in this process. (At this point, we’re hoping to set up the initial appointment in September.)

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