Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thank you Lottie!

If you have spent much time in a Southern Baptist Church (SBC), you should know the name Lottie Moon. This lady literally gave her life to the Chinese people so that they would know the love of Jesus Christ. As a result, missions agencies began to form in the US and Canada which encouraged people to “be involved” in missions through tithes and offerings.

 Every December, SBC churches take up a special Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the International Mission Board. Because of these offerings, our family was able to purchase a generator last year.

This week, we are grateful to Lottie Moon! We have been working on translating Bible stories in the Z language. We had invited a young lady to spend the week in our home to work on translating and then recording Bible stories. When the electricity went out, she was able to keep working for a time…until the battery on the computer died.

And then we began to think about the food that we store in our fridge…

Clay fired up the generator for a couple of hours while we charged the computers and cooled off the fridge.

It may not seem like much, but it allowed us to keep working. (“Translation weeks” start just after breakfast and go late into the night, when our translator is exhausted. The only breaks tend to be for a meal, and possibly a nap. Day after day, for about 4 days. If the computer is dead, the work stops. And our translator lives 3+ hours away.)

Begin praying now about how you can give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

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