Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cost of Living

One of the never-ending shopping. A while ago, someone had asked just how much a gallon of milk costs in Mexico. I tucked that question away, knowing that would make a good topic to investigate and report on. It's also helped us to figure our budget as we truly look at what we're spending to feed this growing family of six.

Milk is sold my the liter, but when we figure the conversion we're spending $4.25/gallon. It is ultra-pasteurized and can keep on the shelf for months.

A loaf of white bread is $1.83. Yikes...we eat a lot of sandwiches! And french toast...and we don't even have teenagers yet!

Water is $1.37 for a 5 gallon jug, but we are finally filtering our own water. (A big thanks to the WMU for our walter filters!)

Juice is commonly sold by the liter. Pictured above is a carton and a can and costs $1.07.

Coca-cola is sold in 2.5 liter bottles and costs $1.22.

Corn tortillas 37 cents per pound...can't beat that! Much better than a loaf of white bread!

Eggs are often sold by 15 or 30, but would cost $1.13/dozen.

Coffee costs $3.47/lb.

Pan dulce (sweet bread) is about 30 cents a piece.

Roses are only 76 cents a dozen! Can you believe it?!?

Fuel costs $2.84/gallon. (Also sold by the liter, and we measure in kilometers. Makes figuring miles per gallon a bit difficult.)

On average, electronics cost about 30% more than in the U.S.

  • Levi in front of the pan dulce.

Ellie and Ryan love watching the tortillas come off the
conveyor belt at the tortilleria.

Although it's not a necessity, coffee from the
coffee shop...priceless!

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  1. A very educational blog post tonight! Thanks! I wonder if roses were that inexpensive here if I would get them more often..... I doubt it! :) Have a great week.