Saturday, April 14, 2012

The told by Ryan

Chickens without heads...

Heads without chickens...

Eggs...usually sold by 15 or 30...these need to go with chicken parts Mom, because chickens give us eggs.

A barefoot lady...I wonder why she doesn't wear any shoes?

Chayote with spines...I think my cousin Jimmy would like these. (Compare the size with the tomatoes in the foreground.)

There are so many more different kinds of beans that you can't find in Idaho!

Mom bought one of these hoop things, but I really liked the balls with needles! They look COOL!

Aren't these flowers beautiful? I really wanted to take a picture of a calla lilly, because that's Mom's favorite.

Look! It's a post with a phone! How clever! You don't even have to carry a your own cell phone! (I don't think he ever saw a payphone before.)

Seafood! I love seafood! It's one of my favorite things.

A live turkey! Can we buy it Mom?

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