Monday, April 9, 2012

A Year in Review...

Easter is always a good time to reflect...for us it's been a great way to capture how our family has grown over the last year. We've had this tradition since Easter 2006 of taking a family photo next to the fish pond at Clay's Mom's house.
This year of course was different, which caused a bit of nostalgia...but I got over it quickly. I didn't have much choice really. There has been so much to keep me busy...but I thought I'd share a snapshot of how life has changed.

Easter 2011...we were in midst of chaos, really. Baby Matthew was only weeks away. Our house was sold. We were living in a small rental house just a stone's throw from the fish pond. We were selling most of our worldly belongings. And we were on the verge of moving our family across the country, and then out of the country.

And now, here we are in Mexico, adapting to life with four energetic little ones.  Much has changed, like how we celebrate holidays, or with whom we celebrate. But so much is the same too. For example, we still celebrate that Christ is risen. And how amazing is it that we can share that joy with fellow believers, in another country and another language! God is so good! And as long as I have my family, it doesn't matter where or how we celebrate.

So this year, Easter has looked different. And felt different. We didn't have ham. We didn't get to make the rice crispy lamb like Aunt Elsie used to make every year. (I have the mold with me...even had some rice krispies...just didn't have American marshmallows.)

Last year, it was Grandpa Gary in the hammock with Levi, suspended over beautiful green grass. This year, the grass isn't so pretty, and we only see Grandpa via Skype. But Ryan and Ellie had a blast hanging out in the hammocks. And Matthew and Levi played in the dirt!

This is our little picnic spot. It's not Idaho...but it was wonderful too!

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