Saturday, April 14, 2012

A trip to the told by Ellie.

I like all the different sizes of baskets..especially the really small ones.

Chickens with heads...I really don't like the smell, so I plug my nose when we walk by the dead chickens.

These daisies are beautiful. I really like the color, but the flowers were too close to the dead meat and it didn't smell good.

I really like the color of the roses too ,but they still smelled like the first flowers...dead meat.

Pink beans! I really like the color and I want to buy some from the market.

Purple beans too! I like this color too, but I like light purple better than dark maybe we can look for light purple ones.

Peaches and calabacitas (little squash). Mommy made vegetable soup with the squash. But I want her to buy peaches!

I really like the little turtles and other animals. They are really cute and I really want a turtle for my birthday.

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