Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little People Fighting Little Bulls

So, it's not very PC, but we are in Mexico, afterall!

This week is the Feria, or the fair, and there are lots of fun things happening in our town. The kids are home from school, so we have lots of time to check out some of the activities. Sunday afternoon there was a parade of Queens from around town. For example, there was a queen from all of the schools and some of the pharmacies.  Ellie loved seeing all the pretty girls dressed up in their beautiful dresses...and she loved yelling, "DULCES!" (candy) And I must add that she received more candy than we need!

Another event is bullfighting. Two Sunday afternoons in a row there are professional bullfights, and we considered going but the timing is a little difficult. Then we realized that on Wednesday afternoon there were Enanitos Toreros, or Midget Bullfighters. Now that sounded like fun! So we made plans to take Ryan and Ellie and found a babysitter for the babies...unfortunately the babies got sick so plans changed a bit. Clay was still able to take the big kids though. When they got home, I asked them what they thought. Ellie's response summed it up, "It was SUPER funny!"

Check out the video link so catch a glimpse of just how "super funny" this was.
(And listen closely for little giggles of Ryan and Ellie!)

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